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Tel : +44 (0)1204 849920

The Ultimate Security Product for Premises where Maximum Security is Essential

For the ultimate in heavy-duty security, the Barriers & Bollards RB800 Series Road Blocker is unsurpassed. 

It is designed to restrict heavy-duty commercial vehicles in secure areas and is ideal for protection of financial establishments, Embassies, Lorry & Distribution Parks. It is particularly effective when installed in front of a loading bay.

Also available are the RB340 and RB500 Series road blockers which rise to a height of 340mm and 500mm respectively.


The case section of the road blocker, which is submerged in the ground, is constructed from 80mm x 80mm x 5mm box section. The box section is fully welded with reinforcement struts. The case is 1600mm wide and is submerged to a depth of 1100mm. The length varies from 2000mm to 5000mm depending upon the particular model. Other lengths are available on request.

The wedge, which rises out of the ground, is constructed from 80mm x 80mm x 5mm box section. Reinforcement struts on the blocker face offer maximum attack protection. The wedge is completed with a top plate constructed from 10mm thick anti-skid chequer plates.

All steelwork is treated and primed before application of a final water- and weather resistant paint. 

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