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B400 mechanical gate

This mechanical gate offers an extremely effective yet economical access security solution. As reliable as it is practical, the mechanical gate is designed to be used in areas to positively indicate the entrance/exit flow and particularly suited where maximum security is not required. The gate is designed to be open through 90 degrees and return to the closed position under spring tension. A standard feature of these gates is the ability to be opened in the reverse direction by firm body pressure to give an emergency exit facility. A simple adjustment negates this facility when used as a exit.

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  • Mild steel body in bright chrome

  • Adjustable arm available in two sizes : Small 450 - 650mm or Large 600 - 1100mm

  • Available in either a left-hand, right-hand or bi directional configuration (bi-directional gates allow free passage through the gate from either direction, yet still closes under spring tension to ensure the gate arm is always controlled

  • Aarm depth 260mm  

  • Standard signage for the infill panel is a blue arrow on one side with a red no-entry sign on the other


  •   Manual breakout facility in case of emergency (manual re-set for gate arm after breakout)

  •   90 degree operation  


Order Information

All gates are fitted to 1060mm high uprights. Standard finish is bright chrome plate with white infill panel to arm. 

Select type of gate required. Calculate gate arm length required. Ascertain gate arm direction (Left hand, right hand, bi or uni-directional).  


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